The Other F Word: Forgive

Do you feel stuck? unhappy? resentful? Do you want more from life? Is forgiveness feel like The Other F Word for you? Do you wonder how it might impact your life? Are you curious about how to actually do it? No matter your story, I know that forgiveness can deeply impact your life. 

I had a broken heart, depression, and a lot of chaos in my life. I knew I wanted relief from my pain and more happiness in my life. I didn’t know my search would lead me to Forgiveness – but I’m so glad it’s where I landed! I’m happy, healthy, and excited to be alive.

This is more than a book, it’s also a workbook that guides you apply the forgiveness in your story and life. 

I’m pre-selling copies of my book for $25 (plus S&H) because that is the amount of money I remember being sold for in 1973. It’s also good business math! Join me in the forgiveness movement – your heart will be glad you did. 

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Snippets of The Other F Word, My Manual on Forgiveness

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Self-Love is medicine

When I was 27 years old, I went to my 4th psychiatrist for medicine for major depression. After a year of rotating through the best medicine on the market from each family of medicine he released me from his care without a prescription. His parting words were:

“Angie, we don’t have a pill that will heal your broken heart.” 

As I drove from his office I wondered what it would take to heal my broken heart. I literally had no idea. Now, I know. 


This is a practice that seems to happen inch by inch. I’ve found that forgiving myself is often much harder than forgiving others. I learned to measure myself harshly at an early age and I was a great student of the art of self-judgment. I remember my second therapist asking me why I was so hard on myself. My reply was, “Doesn’t everyone think this way?”

I’ve spent many years learning to be kind and compassionate with myself. Treating myself as a child that is just learning how to view herself in a healthy mirror, rather than a “never good enough” mirror. 

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Forgiving the Unforgiveable

I had no idea how or when forgiveness would work my heart. It wasn’t something I wanted to rush into. I had given myself permission to never forgive my grandfather. After all, I had friends that would have supported me in never forgiving him. Socially and spiritually, lots of folks would be understanding and agree that perhaps it wasn’t necessary, or even possible. 

Now that I’m on the other side of forgiveness, I can practically preach about how liberating it is because it released me from a lifetime of resentment and anger. It changed me. 

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